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Title: 100% Rockin'
Artist(s): Wild Bob Burgos & His Houserockers
Label: Raucous (RAUCD 161)
Year: 2005
  1. Rockin' The Stomp
  2. Red Light, Green Light
  3. She'll Be Rockin' (But Not With Me)
  4. Ain't Comin' Back No More
  5. Echo Boogie
  6. Right Behind You
  7. Rollin' The Dice
  8. Trouble's Brewin'
  9. Drum Tattoo Bop
  10. I'm Gonna Rock With You
  11. Can't Stop Rockin'
  12. Skeggy Rock 'n' Roll
  13. Ride On Rebels
  14. Wild Berry Boogie
  15. Hypnotised
  16. It's Been A Long Time
  17. Feelin' Fine
  18. Home Town Rockin'
  19. Shot In The Dark
  20. Just Passin' By
  21. A Taste Of Wild Berries
  22. Don't Cramp My Style
  23. Sun Of A Gun
  24. Are You Ready
  25. 24 Hours A Day

Liner Notes by Marijn "The BlackCat" Raaijmakers

I guess Wild Bob Burgos wants you to know he likes rockin' one hundred percent. Did you ever notice that each and every album ever released by Wild Bob Burgos & The Houserockers have the word "Rockin'" in the title? No exceptions. And all of these albums have a lot of rockin' to offer. Take 25 of Bob's favorite tracks, recorded between 1984 and 2004, and what you get is 100% Rockin'. So pickin' the title for this "Best of Wild Bob" compilation wasn't too difficult I guess.

If you have been a fan of The Sledgehammer of Rock 'n' Roll for as long as I have, this compilation won't hold any surprises apart from a recently re-recorded version of "Sun of a Gun", which Bob recorded previously with Shotgun (released on 45 and included on Shotgun's album "Viking Rock"). But if you just recently discovered the true meaning of Rock 'n' Roll, you will be surprised and thrilled, to say the least, when you listen to this collection of hard knockin' British roots rock.

Wild Bob Burgos needs no introduction to the hardcore rockers, he is and always will be the only true Sledgehammer of Rock 'n' Roll, and he has been hitting the skins for many popular rockers and bands. The Wild Angels, Screaming Lord Sutch, Matchbox, Shotgun, Freddy 'Fingers' Lee, Johnny Angel, C.S.A., Vetle Martin, Kenneth Swanstrom, The Cruisers, Dave Travis Band, Geno Washington, Heinz of the Tornados, Tommy Bruce, Wee Willie Harris, Don Lang, Brian Poole of the Tremeloes and many many more, not to mention backing up many of the greatest rock 'n' roll originators on tour. Through the years, many superb musicians have accompanied Bob on his many tours and solo recordings as his Houserockers. Bob sticks to his own blend of roots Rock 'n' Roll and Rhythm 'n' Blues.

Not only is this album a 22 year history of British Rock 'n' Roll, it's also a tribute to the man who has become a legend in his own time for his dedication to our music. Bob's heart is wild, Bob's appearance is wilder, and Bob's music is the wildest. And besides all that, Bob is also the nicest guy you'll ever meet.

I have dedicated my life to rock 'n' roll, the only way I knew how, by using pen and paper, and later on my personal computer. I have been writing lyrics and reviews for almost 20 years, for magazines and booklets, and when the world took a turn on the digital highway, I took my hobby to the Internet starting "BlackCat Rockabilly Europe" in 1993. Through the years I've always had that special love for British rock 'n' roll, and a few years ago I also made a website dedicated to my friend and idol, the Sledgehammer of Rock 'n' Roll, Wild Bob Burgos. When Wild Bob finally went digital himself, I was very proud that he adapted my fanpages as his official website. This is not the end of a story, but merely another stepping stone in the history of rock 'n' roll music. Wild Bob Burgos is still very much alive and kickin' and the release of a newly recorded CD entitled "A Lifetime of Rockin'" is already in the making!

Marijn 'The BlackCat' Raaijmakers


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