Album Details
Title: A Fistful Of Rockin' (Vol.1)
Artist(s): Wild Bob Burgos
Label: NPR Records (NPR-16325) CD
Year: 2021
  1. She'll Be Rockin' (But Not With Me)
  2. Black 'N' Blue
  3. Echo Boogie
  4. Silver Charm
  5. Memories
  6. Beat The Clock
  7. Red Light, Green Light
  8. Skeggy Rock 'N' Roll
  9. Salt Box Hill
  10. Emma
  11. It's Been A Long Time
  12. I Believe In Rock 'N' Roll
  13. Forever Rockin'
  14. Wild Berry Boogie
  15. Drum Tattoo Bop
  16. Weymouth Rock 'N' Roll


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