Album Details
Title: Freddie "Fingers" Lee
Artist(s): Freddie "Fingers" Lee
Label: Rockhouse (LP 7812)
Year: 1978
A1.  One-Eyed Boogie Boy
A2.  I'm Down
A3.  Come Back Baby
A4.  It's Hard To Lie To You
A5.  I'm Gonna Move
A6.  Dib Dab Boogie
A7.  I Don't Want Your Rockin' Love
A8.  I'm Rollin' Home

B1.  I'll Come Back
B2.  You Paid To Ride
B3.  Trying To Get To Memphis
B4.  Rock All Night
B5.  Pondering And Wandering
B6.  Rockin' At My House
B7.  I'm A Nut
B8.  Two Boiled Eggs


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