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Title: A Lifetime of Rockin'
Artist(s): Wild Bob Burgos & His Houserockers
Label: Old-Rock Records (ORR 2006-1)
Year: 2006
  1. A Lifetime Of Rockin'
  2. Ridin' White Horses
  3. Runnin' Wild
  4. Son Of A Gun
  5. It's Meant To Be
  6. Trust In Me
  7. Rockabilly Queen
  8. Loonabilly Rock 'n' Roll (New Recording)
  9. Gift Of The Gab
  10. Blue Boy Blues
  11. Trust In Me (Live)
  12. Got The Blues (But I'm Rockin')

Liner Notes by Frank Nelissen (Rebel Rock Promotions)

A LIFETIME OF ROCKIN'. What a title!... Quite suitable indeed for such a dedicated rock 'n' roll-musician as Wild Bob Burgos. It's the kind of title that says what his life is all about... Rock 'n' Roll!! He started as a pro at only 18 years old and played in countless rock 'n' roll bands. As I'm a big fan of English Rock 'n' Roll / Rockabilly Revival I started to see bands on stage from the end of the seventies, in which Wild Bob played, like Matchbox, Shotgun, Freddie "Fingers" Lee, Screamin' Lord Sutch and The Wild Angels. The two of us met when I started to promote rock 'n'roll under the name Rebel Rock R&R Promotions in 1980. I started to corrrespond with Wild Bob Burgos in 1982 when I placed a message in the September edition of the Scandinavian ROCK Magazine. After my message in that magazine -to send me some information about English Revival-bands for an upcoming book about the contemporary scene- Bob did send me a postcard, which was in fact the beginning of an almost lifetime friendship and correspondence of 23 years. The same year I saw Bob live on stage with Shotgun at the Rockhouse International Rock 'n' Roll Meeting in Eindhoven, where Shotgun backed up Mac Curtis. I saw Bob several times as a backing musician for artists like Screamin'Lord Sutch, Mac Curtis, Janis Martin, Buddy Knox and Ronnie Hawkins. I also started collecting rock 'n' roll records in the late seventies, so I have lots of records in my possession on which Wild Bob Burgos plays in his very recognisable, personal and powerful way. For this Wild Tattooed Sledgehammer of Rock 'n' Roll... his life IS Rock 'n' Roll, Rhythm 'n' Blues and Rockabilly and he always plays his rock 'n' roll music in the way it should always be played, loud, powerful and wild!!!

"...I'd like to thank "Wild Bob Burgos" for all his encouragement, his friendship for more than 25 years, & all that great music he's given us in his lifetime of rockin'. Keep on rockin' Bob, & keep on rockin' in that same ol' way!.."

Frank Nelissen
(Rebel Rock Promotions) & Assistant Editor
of the "BOPPIN' AROUND" Rock 'n' Roll
magazine, Holland


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