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Title: The Legend Of Mary Christmas
Artist(s): Wild Bob Burgos & Dawn Cawley
Label: Ridgemount/Raucous (RMR-CD-016)
Year: 2008
  1. The Legend Of Mary Christmas
  2. The Alternative Christmas Speech
  3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (On His B.S.A. Rocket)

The story behind this Christmas CD

When Bob send me his new charity Christmas CD I asked him to tell me a bit about it, because I had never heard of Dawn Cawley, mainly due to the fact that I live in Holland not the U.K., and since Bob did an excellent job in explaining the facts, I will include his message rather than writing an awkward review that wouldn't make much sense LOL. So here it is in Bob's own words:

I can understand that this doesn't ring any bells for people who do not live in England. Okay... Dawn Cawley is a radio presenter, singer, writer of poems and an actress who has performed all over the U.K. She often plays the part of the queen, and really looks and sounds like her too... and she is very well known for being her double, and so the story begins.

In the summer of this year, she invited me on her radio show as her guest, and because she is a hospital radio presenter and also a charity worker she asked me if I would write the music and sing one of her poems (The Legend of Mary Christmas) and get it released to raise some money for the St. Lukes Hospice charity, who she cares for very much. In august 2008, we recorded her song and also one of mine for good luck, plus her speech!

The Queen as you might already know has several pet corgie dogs, a husband named Philip, and her son's wife is named Camilla. Camellia is also a name for a plant (flowers). This is what her son likes to bed... ha!ha! It's crazy I know, but people in this country love all this leg pulling where the royal family are concerned, or any celebrity too!

So this is her song that I'm singing (The Legend Of Mary Christmas) a girl's name (Mary) instead of Merry, as you will hear and understand. The Alternative Speech is just a funny take off of the Queen who really talks like that too, ha!ha! My song, Santa Claus is coming to town (on his B.S.A. Rocket), is just me as myself in my own style, and is one for the Rockers!!

So, what we have here is a great Christmas song, a good laugh and a just cause. What else can you wish for under your Christmas tree!

The musicians:
Dawn Cawley - Vocals
Wild Bob Burgos - Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Steve "Skeeter" Turner - Guitar
Matt Arundell - Guitar
Tommy Wilde - Saxophone
Paul "Bomber" Harris - Piano
Andy Craddock - Bass

Available from:
Raucous Records
7, St. Peters Place
Fleetwood, Lancashire
FY7 6EB England
Tel/fax: +44 1253 872227

Marijn 'The BlackCat' Raaijmakers

Story courtesy of Bob Burgos


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