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Title: Mojo Rockin'
Artist(s): Wild Bob Burgos & His Houserockers
Label: Vampirette (VAMCD 108)
Year: 2006
  1. Doin' Things Right
  2. Stop Look & Listen
  3. It's Meant To Be
  4. Walk On The Wild Side
  5. Rumble In The Jungle
  6. Beware Of The Hound
  7. Back Seat Driver
  8. From London To Chicago
  9. Bitten By The Rumba
  10. Two Time LoserBlue Boy Blues
  11. Secondary Man
  12. Every Day I Go Rockin'
  13. Our Deed Is Done
  14. Got The Blues (But I'm Rockin')
  15. Mumbo Jumbo

Liner Notes by Roy Williams

Wild Bob Burgos. He's been around ever since, well, ever since I can remember! Well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but that's only because I'm older than he is! The bands that Bob has played in read like a roll-call of British Rock'n'roll, going right back to the days of The Wild Angels and Matchbox and those heady days of the rock'n'roll nights at The Lyceum ballroom in the heart of London's West End in the Seventies, when two thousand rock'n'roll fans (mostly Teddy Boys) would gather for their monthly homage. That's part of what makes Wild Bob Burgos an icon to today's rock'n'roll fans. If there's one thing that marks out a rock'n'roll fan, it's his fidelity to a lifestyle, and the longer one maintains that lifestyle, the higher is your rating with the fans. Bob's been banging out his uncompromising style of rock'n'roll for longer than most of his fans have been into this music, and that's why they respect him. They can buy his records without hearing them first in total confidence. They know that there will be no overblown 'progression' or 'over-production' in Wild Bob's records. It's the 'real deal' every time. Not for Wild Bob Burgos layers of keyboards and rhythm guitars. You'll never see the 'Wild Bob Burgos Orchestra'! There's a good reason that all his albums have 'rockin' in the title. They ARE rockin'! So next time you see him chatting with his fans at the bar, tap him on the shoulder and offer to buy him a drink. Then you'll see that 'sloppy smile' and feel the warmth that is the man.

Roy Williams, August 2006


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