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Title: Restless 'n' Rockin'
Artist(s): Wild Bob Burgos & His Houserockers
Label: Raucous (RAUCD 196)
Year: 2006
  1. Every Day I Go Rockin'
  2. Doin' Things Right
  3. Billy Goat Rock
  4. I've Had A Nervous Breakdown Before
  5. She's Goin' Out To Parties
  6. Don't Mess With Me Baby
  7. Saturday Night Rockin'
  8. Don't Stop It
  9. Birthday Girl
  10. Restless 'n' Rockin'
  11. Rumble In The Jungle
  12. Cut-A-Rug

Liner Notes by Jari'Jii-Ee' Ekiund

Back in 1977, I was really lucky, at the age of 15, to be rockin' at the beginning of the Finnish Rock'n'Roll revival scene. Me and my pals were getting hep to the British Rock'n'Roll revival bands, who were actually influencing the Finnish bands of those days. We were listening to bands like The Wild Angels, Shotgun & Matchbox and reading all the stories we could get about the Teds and the Rockers. Soon I had my first Triumph motorcycle, and so began the story. In the early 80's, I noticed that amongst the bands I was listening to, there was one person who had a unique feel and insight when it came to Rock'n'Roll. One guy,... a drummer, was the real focus for all the groups he was playing with.

This guy was "WILD BOB BURGOS" who's been drumming up a storm for many years, and has been rockin' around the world ever since.Years later I met Bob personally. From the first moment I could feel that his dedication to Rock'n'Roll was very serious. This is apparent in both his choice of material in wild stage shows, and in his self-penned recordings.

With this new album Bob covers where he's coming from,... and that's for sure! Because Bob is one amongst those who will stay true to our Rock'n'Roll roots. Where he is going, only time will tell, but I for one want to be there! All that's left for you is put on this CD and kick out the furniture... It's time for a party! Let the neighbours know that the original "WILD BOB BURGOS" (the tattooed-sledgehammer of Rock'n'Roll) is here again! And don't stop 'til you drop.... THIS IS RESTLESS 'N' ROCKIN'!

Jari'Jii-Ee' Ekiund
Editor Rockin'Annual
Founder Of The Finnish Rock'N'Roll Society (F.R.R.S.)


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