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Title: Rockabilly Brothers
Artist(s): Shotgun
Label: TCY Records (TCY-017)
Year: 2010
  1. Loonabilly Rock 'n' Roll
  2. Hometown Rockin'
  3. The Rebel Song
  4. Doin' Things Right
  5. High Tuned
  6. Black 'n' Blue
  7. Nothing For Nothing
  8. Honky Tonk Mama
  9. Blue By You
  10. Lonely Girl
  11. Santa's Got Your Letter
  12. Quit Yer Foolin' Me
  13. Fancy Free
  14. We're Gonna Boogie
  15. Rockabilly Santa
  16. Rockabilly Queen
  17. Son Of A Gun
  18. Ridin' White Horses
  19. Deadwood Stage
  20. Rockabilly Brothers

Liner Notes by Graham Goodwin (Q.S.E. Records, London)

Rockabilly Brothers is a very important contribution to British Rock 'n' Roll history,.....This compilation of original material is from one of the greatest pioneering bands of the British Rockabilly Revival, and is an essential collection from a very important and influential Rock 'n' Roll band,....The Legendary South London Rockers "SHOTGUN".

The band formed in the mid to late seventies after working together for many years before the name "SHOTGUN" was even thought of, but so many people who came to see the band play in the early seventies spoke of the group being very explosive and wild,....A combination of Rockers, Motorcycles, Teddy Boys and booze crazed Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll,.....Thus the band "SHOTGUN" was born. "SHOTGUN" knew how to party, enjoy themselves, live and love life which is reflected in this powerhouse format of Real Rebel Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll music at its very best,....The title track says it all,....."ROCKABILLY BROTHERS",.....Rock the world. "SHOTGUN'S" classic Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly sound is built with raw Rockin' energy, with a driving rhythm by a band of musicians, whose history and playing experience is second to none.
The band have played alongside all the top Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly bands of the seventies and eighties, and were also involved individually with some of them. The band have also recorded many records all over Europe and have worked with many legendary artists in the recording studio and on tours.

The band are 'Wild Bob Burgos',.....Who is a founder member of "SHOTGUN" and a well respected figure on the European Rock 'n' Roll scene for many years. A member of the Rockabilly Hall of fames in his own right,.....Known to many Rockers as the "Tattooed Sledgehammer of Rock 'n' Roll".
Bob's reputation is justly earned with one of the strongest left hands in Rock 'n' Roll,....Feel the beat,....Its 4/4 to the floor and there's no stopping him with his unique style of playing that has often been imitated, but has never been matched!

Wild Bob uses an original Ludwig kit to get that authentic sound, and is a dedicated and outward going musician who is recognised as probably the best drummer on the Rock 'n' Roll scene with his great depth of playing experience and many styles. His roots lay in the feelings of traditional Blues, but craves for the energy provided by Rockabilly and pure 50's Rock 'n' Roll.

Wild Bob has toured and backed most of the leading names in the business including,...Chuck Berry, Jack Scott, Micky Hawkes, Charlie Gracie, Buddy Knox, Johnny Hallyday, Eddy Mitchell, Clarence 'Frogman' Henry, Janis Martin, and has also accompanied several notable drummers on stage shows and tours, including Rory Blackwell from 'Lord Rockingham's xi', and D.J. Fontana from 'Elvis Presley's' band,.....The list is endless.

Wild Bob was also an original member of the band 'Matchbox' for more than 8 years back in the 70's and 80's, for which Bob can proudly boast, 3 gold discs for his achievements on worldwide record sales.
Bob also played with Piano Rocker 'Freddie Fingers Lee' for 16 years,....'The Wild Angels' for 5 years, and 'The Savages' for more than 23 years, being a close friend and confident of the late 'Screaming Lord Sutch'.
Throughout Wild Bob's career there have been numerous other cult British 50's, 60's and 70's artists that he has worked with including,....Don Lang, Heinz, Wee Willie Harris, Tommy Bruce, Billie Davies, Brian Poole, Geno Washington, plus many, many more.
As well as being asked to back the majority of British Rock 'n' Roll stars, Wild Bob for many years has maintained a solo career fronting his own band 'The Houserockers' in between many "SHOTGUN" tours.

Rob 'Apeman' Murly is the other half of the dynamic Rockin' Rhythm section driving the beat, and is a very talented, and creative Bass player. He is a Fender man to the bone! Rob plays with his own original style that has been emulated by a number of Bass players over the years but never equalled. Rob,....An established session musician who has worked with many notable artists on tour and in the studio throughout his career, has also fronted his own band 'The Vikings'. Amongst a long list of other bands Rob worked with are the 'Cruisers', 'Johnny Angel's Nomads' and old stable mates 'C.S.A' (with the late and much missed 'Tony Vincent')

Rob and Wild Bob grew up together in South London,....Both founder members of the established Rockabilly Revival Boom in the 70's, with their passion for Rock 'n' Roll,.....They are now one of the most respected partnerships of Rock Solid Bass and Drums in Rock 'n' Roll music today.

The origins of "SHOTGUN" as a band began when the rhythm section of Burgos and Murly began to work with the other founding member of the band, a man whose antics are now a matter of legend and urban myth, the man who put Rockabilly into South London,....Rock' a' Billy" Ray Neale.
Ray was already known as a great singer, guitar player and front man,....He had enjoyed some minor chart success in the 60's along with playing in the well known band 'The Mojos'.
Ray sure had some Mojo when his screaming guitar and Rockabilly vocals came together with the pounding Sledgehammer Rhythm section of Burgos and Murly,....

The band "SHOTGUN" was born,.....Refining its pedigree in the clubs and bars of South London in those crazy early days.

In 1978 their first 45 single and E.P. was released on the now legendary 'Billy Goat' label, which charted in several major music polls and magazines across the country,.....Which in turn opened the door to many tours for the band.

"SHOTGUN'S" popularity in Britain and abroard was growing fast,.....They were soon asked to be the backing band for 60's Rocker 'Screaming Lord Sutch', also Rollin' Rock Legends,....Johnny Legend, Ray Campi and Mac Curtis. Dave 'Blind Boy' Briggs is the newest member of "SHOTGUN" who plays a very mean guitar along'side Ray providing some of the hottest licks you will ever hear in British Rockabilly! In the last 20 years Dave has become one of the most respected Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly guitar players in the U.K. and Europe,.....Not only with "SHOTGUN", but with the Flying Saucers, Freddie Fingers Lee, Narvel Felts, Sonny Burgess and recently as guitar player for Scotty Moore on his last U.K. and European tours to name but a few.

This is a highly enjoyable collection of material played by some of the greatest musicians around, and are one of Britains most respected Rock 'n' Roll bands who never fail to deliver!! This original powerhouse Rebel Rockabilly line-up is still intact, and has been at the top of British Rock 'n' Roll's forfront since their formation in the mid 1970's. The calibre of "SHOTGUN" is undoubtedly superb,...As this 'Unstoppable' band continue to blow you away!!

"The Best Of British Rockabilly"
"From A South-East London Band"

Graham Goodwin, Q.S.E. Records, London

All tracks arranged and produced by Shotgun. Sleeve notes written byGraham Goodwin, Q.S.E. Records, London. Photography by Sharon Harper, Rolf Anderson and Terry Glasse. Sleeve Front Cover photo by Marijn 'The BlackCat' Raaijmakers, BlackCat Rockabilly Europe,


Maintained by Marijn "The BlackCat" Raaijmakers

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