Album Details
Title: Rockin' The Blues
Artist(s): Wild Bob Burgos
Label: Ridgemount (RMR-CD-444) CD
Year: 2002
  1. From London To Chicago
  2. Wild Berry Boogie
  3. Give It All You Got
  4. Blues Keep Followin' Me
  5. Dreamland Boogie
  6. Houserockin' Shuffle
  7. I'm Nobody's Fool
  8. Right Behind You
  9. Reedin' The Blues
  10. Livin' With The Blues
  11. Down That Road I'll Go
  12. One More Cup Of Coffee
  13. One Way Street
  14. A Taste Of Wild Berries
  15. Forever Rockin'
  16. Rockin' The Blues
  17. It's Gotta Be Rockin'
  18. Twilight Dreams

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