Album Details
Title: Rockin' Up A Storm
Artist(s): Snakebite & Friends
Label: Atenzia ATZ 1324
Year: 2013
  1. Born To Rock
  2. Cadillac 55
  3. I'm Comin' Home
  4. Wild Night
  5. One Of A Kind
  6. Moonshine Boogie
  7. The Blues Had A Baby (They Called It Rock'n'roll)
  8. Just A Game
  9. Feelin' Best For Me
  10. Nothing Is Good Enough
  11. Rockin' On The Railroad
  12. Teddy Boy Rocker
  13. So What
  14. Rockin' Up A Storm

Liner notes by Tom Powder

Out of the deep dark forests of Wermland, Sweden, echoes a sound so wild and dangerous that even the big bad wolf and the mighty moose take off to the city to find some peace and silence.

What can create such a powerful noise? Well, I can tell you... it's Snakebite recording their new album "Rockin' Up A Storm" and, whitout a doubt, rockin' up a storm they are!!! As a matter of fact it's stormin' that much I've issued a class 1 warning for this release.

Jörgen is playing guitar licks that are so razor sharp they can cut through paper. Rolf is hitting his snare as hard as if his life's depending on it. Christian keeps his bass line solid and steady as a rock, while Henrik is strummin' on those 88 keys furiously whenever he's got a chance.

The vocals are shared between Jörgen and three international guest stars, Ronnie Nightingale, Wild Bob Burgos and Steve Riot. They are all at their best and together with the band they deliver full thrust rock 'n' roll power. So, hold on to your hats and let's rock up a hurricane!

Tom Powder, 2013


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