Album Details
Title: Sons Of Rockabilly
Artist(s): Shotgun
Label: TCY Records (TCY-020)
Year: 2011
  1. Ring-A-Ding-A-Ling
  2. Rock 'N' Roll Ruby
  3. You Can Do No Wrong
  4. I Got A Hole In My Pocket
  5. Put Your Cat Clothes On
  6. Rockabilly Dad
  7. Shot In The Dark
  8. Rumble In The Jungle
  9. Son Of Rockabilly
  10. Shivers Down My Spine
  11. Living The Dream
  12. In For A Penny - In For A Pound
  13. Birthday Girl
  14. Hey Mr. D.J.
  15. Party Party
  16. Shotgun Boogie
  17. Gift Of The Gab
  18. Bop-A-Lena

Liner Notes by John Howard (UK Rock Magazine)

If you judge a band by the company it keeps, then Shotgun are up there with the best. As a group, and individually, the four members of Shotgun have shared stages with the biggest names in Rock 'n' Roll from Chuck Berry and Jack Scott, from Charlie Gracie to Mac Curtis.

That was not the idea when they got together in the seventies... Their aim was to keep fifties Rock 'n' Roll alive, by playing in the pubs and clubs of their native South London. When the seventies Rock 'n' Roll revival took place, leading Hank Mizell to put Jungle Rock into the charts, The Stray Cats to form, and everyone from Showaddywaddy to Sha Na Na climbing on the bandwagon, Shotgun had already been doing it for some years. They were well placed to be part of that explosion of renewed interest in Rockin' music, and the calls came from all over the country, and all over Europe. Tours, festivals, and the first weekenders all demanded Shotgun, who proved themselves adept at playing their own sets, writing their own numbers, and backing touring big name artists.

Individually, the members of Shotgun have had glittering musical careers. Wild Bob Burgos, 'The Tattooed Sledgehammer Of Rock 'n' Roll', was a founder member of Matchbox, and Bob has three gold discs on the wall of his home to prove it. He was also behind his Ludwig kit in The Wild Angels, The Freddie 'Fingers' Lee Band, C.S.A. and Screaming Lord Sutch's Savages and many more.

The young Bob could not have dreamt he would end up playing with a who's who of Rock 'n' Roll, appearing on TV and Radio, and travelling the world writing and recording dozens of albums and appearing regularly in the charts on both sides of The Channel. He is in demand as a session man, graces International festivals as the MC, and still finds time to tour, write and release new material all the while. His main band these days is 'Wild Bob Burgos & His Houserockers', but he still plays with his first and continuing band Shotgun.

His partner in rhythm, and songwriting equal, is bassist Rob 'Apeman' Murly, who grew up with Bob, and went on to play and record with The Cruisers, Johnny Angel's Nomads, and C.S.A... The last named one of the few Rockin' bands with every right to raise the rebel flag. Rob and his Fender are much in demand for recording sessions where a big booming bass sound is required. The third founder member of the band is Rockabilly Ray Neale, who had already tasted chart success with hitmakers The Mojos, but turned his back on the charts to play his first musical love... Solid fifties Rock 'n' Roll. He had already developed a reputation as a fine guitarist, charismatic front man, and his interest in, and knowledge of, authentic fifties music made him something of a legend in South London. The newest member of this legendary band is yet another well known Rocker from South London... Craig 'Cowboy' Collins, who together with Shotgun has played the circuit for many years, and has also become a very respected vocalist and guitar player throughout the U.K. and Europe.

The final addition to the band is Dave 'Blind Boy' Briggs... Who yet again is one of the most highly rated guitar slingers in Europe... Musician of choice for Sandy Ford in Flying Saucers, Freddie 'Fingers' Lee... Touring Americans like Narvel Felts and Sonny Burgess and also playing alongside Elvis Presley's legendary guitarist Scotty Moore when he last toured Europe.

These are the core members of Shotgun, but for recordings and major gigs, they are unafraid of building their big sound with backing vocals, sax, piano and extra guitars. All the members have built careers and reputations within Rock 'n' Roll on their individual merits, but all are agreed... When the call comes for Shotgun to re-assemble... They are ready to Rock like they did back in the seventies. They cut their first record in 1978 for Billy Goat Records... And they still haven't stopped recording... The evidence of which you hold in your hand.

John Howard (UK Rock Magazine)


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