Album Details
Title: Vamos Rockin'
Artist(s): Wild Bob Burgos and his Houserockers
Label: TCY Records (TCY-028) CD
Year: 2016
  1. One Of A Kind
  2. Teddy Boy Rocker
  3. The Blues Had A Baby (They Called It Rock 'n' Roll)
  4. Hall Of Fame
  5. BlackCat Rockabilly Blues
    Dedicated to Marijn 'The BlackCat' Raaijmakers
  6. Buenos Aires Is Callin'
    Dedicated to Bob's family & friends in Argentina
  7. Rockabilly Queen
  8. Rollin' The Dice
  9. Beware Of The Hound
  10. Everybody Talkin' 'Bout Gene
  11. Outer This World
    Dedicated to Mal 'Cat Man' Clint
  12. Stroll Of The Rockers

Liner notes by Tom Ingram

I have been good friends with Bob since I was still in my teens back in the late 70's. Bob lived around the corner from me in those days when we were both living in South london. The both of us were also on the Rock 'n' Roll scene together back then, and often bumped into each other around town and at many Rock 'n' Roll venues around the country too... They were really great days that can never be repeated.

What we didn't know at the time was how we would feature in the 50's scene and for how long, and now here we are 36 Rockin' years later and both still at it. I've always believed that to succeed in anything to do with music, you must firstly be great at what you do, then you must know how to treat your fans and people who support you.

Bob has always been very sociable and a friend to everyone, and has become very well known around the world for all the many bands he has played with, and for being the Rocker he truly is! Bob has released many albums in the past, and to see him bringing out yet again another new album... is a major achievement, and I feel honoured to have been a part of it.

Tom Ingram (VLV) (January 2016),
Owner and Founder of the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekenders in the USA since 1998.
(The Worlds Largest Rockabilly Festival)

Portrait-Painting Artwork by Terry Telí Star

Liner notes by Geoff Barker

The great thing about friendships made in Rock 'n' Roll, is that they seem to last forever, irrespective of how many years may pass without actually bumping into each other. I first met Bob way back in the early 70's when I and Stu Colman were hosting a weekly Rock 'n' Roll record hop in a pub called 'The Castle' in London's Old Kent Road. The pub was always drawing bigger crowds each week and it was also a place where musicians like Bob would drop in just to soak up the atmosphere.

We could all tell that something was happening on the scene as the first rays of what would be the 'Rockabilly Revival' started to appear. By late 1976 this had taken off across the UK in a big way when Stu and I were on BBC Radio 1 with the very first national Rock 'n' Roll show 'It's Rock 'n' Roll'. We had always championed the 'new' bands on the UK scene, and as a thank you for the help they gave towards us getting on air, persuaded the BBC to book a band for the show each week,... and Matchbox, with Bob on drums in the engine room, were one of the first we worked with at the BBC studios in Maida Vale London, with our late, great producer Dave Price running the session.

As the years have gone by we would all follow our various paths, but if we met on the road at a greasy spoon in the middle of the night in the middle of England somewhere, or a Rock 'n' Roll weekend or gig, as myself and Bob did several times, the links of the Rock 'n' Roll fraternity always made it seem like yesterday. I have many great memories of working gigs with Bob, not only when he was with Matchbox, but when he was drumming with another wildman and long time friend, whom I'd also worked and journeyed with many times, the late great UK piano player, Freddie 'Fingers' Lee,... Plus of course with The South London legends 'Shotgun', who were one of THE great live bands in those days.

I've always been happy to play tracks from 'Bob's albums and from bands' that he's been with on my shows down the years, and I really look forward to doing the same with this new release too. It's been a real pleasure for me to write these few words about Bob, and I really hope this album does well for him. He's one of the really genuine nice guys and a class Rock 'n' Roll lyric poet and troubadour, who has paid his dues from working with some of the greatest Rockers on the planet, and has always stayed true with his belief and dedication for the music he loves and lives for.

Bob has always been a good pal to me, and that has been the case for over 40 years, and i'm looking forward to when I next meet up with him,... I know it'll be hot, noisy and Rockin',... As it always has been. Rock On Bob,... Indeed 'Always a Pal'.

Geoff Barker (September 2015)
(BBC Radio D.J. and Presenter, The Saturday Night Rock 'n' Roll Party)

Liner notes by Dell Richardson

It must be forty five years or more that I have known my old mate Wild Bob Burgos. Bob is the real thing, he plays hard and mean's what he sings, and he's a true Rocker who is still Rockin' today! He first started drumming professionally when he was still in his teens and has worked with just about everybody on the Rock 'n' Roll scene including one of his dearest friends (Dave) 'Screaming Lord Sutch' who he still misses today after his untimely passing some years ago! Bob played the drums with 'The Savages' for around 23 years, and on some occasions together with another great drummer who also used to play for Dave in the very early 60's,... The 'late' great Carlo Little, who would often jump up on stage to share the drum stool with Bob to play a thunderous drum duet with him that always needed to be seen to be believed. One of the songs that really inspired Bob back in the early 60's which had so much to say about Rock 'n' Roll was 'Lucille' by the fabulous Little Richard, in fact he even called one of his daughters Lucille.

Another Rock 'n' Roll giant that Bob has always admired is the legendary Chuck Berry who he has backed on drums for five tours including live television appearances in Britain and across Europe. He has also been the drummer for many other legendary Rock 'n' Roll stars throughout his career,... The list never ends! There are so many strings to Bob's bow, he even wrote a song for Bill Haley's Comets entitled 'Quit Yer Foolin' Me', released in 1994, Gene Vincent's Blue Caps 'Everybody's Rockin', released in 1993, and also two tracks, 'My Way Of Rockin' & 'Everybody's Rockin' for Billy Lee Riley that were released on his tribute album in 1995.

Bob was also the drummer for the legendary piano wild man Freddie 'Fingers' Lee for over sixteen years,... The list is endless who he has played with, including the original Matchbox for eight years, Shotgun for around forty years, The Rapiers for three years, CSA, and of course The legendary Wild Angels from South London for more than ten years who he used to rock with back in the late 60's and is back playing with again today, and many, many more!

A big inspiration for Bob was the Rhythm & Blues player Jimmy Reed, and I remember him telling me that if it wasn't for listening to Jimmy in the early sixties, then he probably wouldn't be playing in the way he plays today! We even had the pleasure of inviting Bob down to Radio Caroline on the 6th June, 2003 for an interview, and it was an honour for us to have him here, and it's also an honour today to be able to write a few words for this new Rockin' album,... 'Vamos Rockin' !!!!

To sum Bob up in one sentence must be,...
"A Man Who Sends His heart Out To Rock 'n' Roll"

Dell Richardson (April 2015)
(Radio Caroline D.J. and Presenter, Good Rockin' Tonight)


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