Album Details
Title: Yeah!! ...Dedicated To Rockin'!!
Artist(s): Wild Bob Burgos
Label: TCY Records (TCY-033) CD
Year: 2019
  1. All For One - One For All
  2. Are You Still Rockin'?
  3. Boppin' Rock-A-Bella
  4. Faith In Rock 'N' Roll
  5. Let The Good Times Roll Again
  6. Cut To The Chase
  7. Greetin's To Y'All
  8. Birthday Gal
  9. Moonshine
  10. Two Timin'
  11. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
  12. It's My Own Business
  13. Spirit Of The Rockers
  14. The Tattoo (True Dedication)

Wild Bob Live On Stage in France (2016)

Sleeve notes by Magnus Nesterud

For many years I have always loved listening to Wild Bob's great recordings of real good Rock 'n' Roll & Rockabilly music and when I heard that he was in Sweden recording a new album, I immediately wanted to book him to headline at our 'Moonshine Cruisers Car & Rock 'n' Roll Club' for our ''Grand Prize Party'' that was to be held at the very same time that Bob was in the recording studio in August 2017. Arrangements were made and Bob and his band took a day out of the studio to perform for us live on stage at our festival (that was first established in 1985) that I hold every year for all the Rockers in Stockholm. It was really great to meet Bob when he arrived, and I shall always remember when he told me that he had written and recorded a song called 'Moonshine' many years ago when he was on tour in Sweden back in 1999. It was a song that I always remembered liking very much when I first heard it, and when he told me that he was going to re-record it again here in Sweden I couldn't believe it,... It was an incredible coincidence and we both felt very good about it. Bob then said to me,... 'Maybe it was meant to be' that he was there at our 'Moonshine Club' on this very special occasion,... He then told me that he would be delighted to sing it live that evening and dedicate it to all our members, and when he was on stage he did just that and everybody loved it,... It was just great. From the very first moment Bob walked on stage he asked everybody if they wanted to hear him perform (for the very first time) some of his new songs that he planned to record in the following days after the festival,... Everybody started applauding and were raising their glasses to Bob, and the Rockers loved him for it. The atmosphere was really alive with everybody dancing to Bob's wild style of Rockin' and it was just great to see, and when Bobs performance was coming near to the end, he did a real crazy thing on stage that we shall never forget,... We couldn't believe it because he suddenly stopped singing in the middle of his song 'Loonabilly' and took one of the large drums from his drummer and jumped onto the shoulders of one of the guys at the front of the stage and played a Bo Diddley drum solo on it around the dance floor,... The crowd went crazy and I don't think anyone will forget this night because everybody was having fun and they loved every moment of it.

We would like to thank Wild Bob & his band for their very genuine show that they gave to us here in Stockholm, and it was great to meet Bob because we are now good friends and we hope to see him again soon,... But most of all we want to hear his wonderful music again with him performing it in the genuine way that he does,... Truly Wild. All of us from the 'Moonshine Cruisers Club' love him,... Many greetings from me, and all the other members,... Keep on Rockin' Bob!!

(Moonshine,... The taste you don't remember,... But Wild Bob's great music we shall never forget)

Magnus Nesterud, The Moonshine Cruisers Club, Stockholm, Sweden (April 2018)

Wild Bob & Chuck Berry at the TV Studios Paris, France (1993)

Sleeve notes by Frances Van't Oever (Rockhuizen)

It was way back in September 1975 at the famous Lyceum Ballroom in London when myself and Bert Rockhuizen (The Owner Of Rockhouse Records in Holland) went there to see the band Matchbox play live on stage for the very first time. The dance-floor was jammed with people that couldn't stop boppin', and we were both immediately impressed by their talent and drive of their exciting music, and when we heard that the band were going to tour Holland in 1976, we went to see them again to sign them up for their very first album,... The unforgettable classic,... 'Riders In The Sky' LP.

Matchbox toured in Holland many times after this album was released and we often met up with them at festivals whenever we could. We also had the pleasure to get to know Bob Burgos (The drummer from Matchbox) very well and became very good friends with him. He really was a true Rocker who also played with 'Freddie Fingers Lee' and the band 'Shotgun' too, and it wasn't long before contracts were again signed for both of the bands to record two new albums for the Rockhouse label. The first album from the great 'One-Eyed Boogie Boy' was entitled 'Freddie Fingers Lee', and the second unforgettable album was from 'Shotgun' entitled 'Born To Rock' with my baby daughter Elfi Rockhuizen on the front of the sleeve in the arms of our good friend Wild Bob Burgos. Many more albums including the 'Best Of British Rockabillies' volumes (One & Two) were also released around this time on the Rockhouse label in Amsterdam, and also on Charly Records in London because of the incredible growth of interest in this Neo-Rockabilly development that was first commenced in 1975,... And yes 'Wild Bob Burgos' was playing drums on them all. They were really exciting times back then, and for many years Rockhouse Records were the only company in the world to produce and market this music professionally, because Rockabilly bands were being formed and a crowd stood up,... Neo-Rockabilly was now a fact in Europe, and Rockhouse Records was just about the only company who started organizing massive international Rock 'n' Roll Meetings, where selected Rock 'n' Roll bands as well as original artists from the Fifties could perform. Bob has always been a very talented musician and that's why he was often asked by Rockhouse Records to play drums for some of these visiting American artists back then in the 70's & 80's, including Mac Curtis with Bob's band 'Shotgun' backing him up,... They also recorded a live album together entitled 'Live At The Rockhouse'!! I also remember Johnny Preston was another visiting artist that Bob backed-up on drums back then in those glory-days, and I have so many great memories of the times we all spent together. Bob was also a good singer and songwriter who recorded a lot of great records in his long career, just like he did for Bert back in those early 'Neo Rockabilly' days. He also played on many tours when Rockhouse Records released several of Bob's solo songs on compilation albums too,... Ghee, there are so many titles featuring Bob, so I suggest you visit to see the full list!!

I've known Bob for more than 40 years from the days when the Rockabilly Revival first started, and we have always been good friends,... So many great memories of all the times we spent together, and he's a great Rocker. Bob is truely one of the most warm-hearted persons that I know,... Just love him,... And of course his great music and drumming too!!

Frances Van't Oever (Rockhuizen), Rockhouse Records, Holland (February 2018)

Wild Bob Live in Switzerland (2017)

Sleeve notes by Frank Bergmann

Back in those very early days as a child growing up in Germany, I shall always remember when I first discovered Rock 'n' Roll when I listened to some of the records that my parents played, and from those days till now I have always been hooked. I then became a Rockabilly Rebel when I was a teenager because I was so dedicated to this great music and the lifestyle that went with it. I would always go out of my way to be a part of this scene, and I would travel many kilometers to be involved with it,... I did it all back then. I can remember driving 100 km in my first car to buy a pair of creepers and some Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly records that were imported from England, and this was my connection when reading about Bob Burgos for the first time on a platter because I bought a Matchbox LP at a store and his name was on it because he was the original drummer with the group,... And that's where it started. Today we can go everywhere to buy, see or hear anything because so many things have changed in this modern world that we live in today. I guess a lot of younger people will think it very strange to hear me say these things, but the Rockin' scene was a very passionate and special time for so many of us back in those memorable days. It was the way it was back then, but so many of those good things that we all did in those days have now gone,... People changed and so did the music,... Others didn't, because Bob Burgos never changed and his music didn't either!! Bob was one of those Rebel Rockers that I have admired right from the very start of my long association with the revival of the Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll movement because he has always stayed true to the lifestyle and music that he believes in. Wild Bob Burgos has been a dedicated singer, songwriter and musician for more than forty years, and there's nothing that hasn't been said about this guy because when I first started writing for some German Rock 'n' Roll magazines, I always used to see his name mentioned promoting many of his concerts and albums. What a hell of a business for lil ol' me,... Because when I was asked to review one of 'The Tattooed Sledgehammers' recent albums entitled 'Vamos Rockin' also on the TCY Record label, I was truly knocked out because it was filled with Wild Bob's original songs and I just loved everyone of them... It was an outstanding and fantastic album to listen to!! It was then that I found out about his other activities with many more legends that Bob played with including; Screaming Lord Sutch, Freddie 'Fingers' Lee, Shotgun, The Wild Angels and many others, I was very impressed to say the least,... Because Wild Bob was always there on the drums!! Bob also shared the stage as a sideman and worked with many visiting American artists when they toured Europe, with many of them being from the ''First Generation'' of Rock 'n' Roll,... Some of them were; Bo Diddley, Bill Haley's Comets, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Carroll, Janis Martin, Buddy Knox, Gene Vincent's Blue Caps, Charlie Feathers, Johnny Preston, Hayden Thompson, DJ Fontana, Wanda Jackson, Big Jay McNeely, Clarence 'Frogman' Henry, Sleepy LaBeef, Charlie Gracie, Eddie Fontaine, Mickey Hawks and many more including The great Chuck Berry when Bob was called upon to be one of Chuck's sidemen that led him to back him up on several tours around Europe between (1977-1993) Bob has often been called 'The Sledgehammer Of The Drums' many times because of his powerful rhythms that he is known for (but it's now come to light) that his prominent style of playing is only because he's expressing his feelings and belief in the music he has always loved. You can speak of it in any way you like but you must also remember Bob's reputation as having one of the strongest left hands in Rock 'n' Roll that gives Bob his very own unique style of playing. It's also true that he has often been imitated, but has never been matched because it's always been Wild Bob's very own way of Rockin', and for me it will always be Bob's Beat. But he hasn't only been a sideman drummer for all the big names he has backed through the years, he's also been a very successful band leader fronting his own 'Houserockers' band,... A name that he took from some of the early Chicago Rockin' Blues outfits of the 50's & 60's. Yes it's a fact that Wild Bob's style of music has obvious roots showing that he was definitely influenced not only by the 'Big Beat',... But also by classic Rhythm 'n' Blues music too. I was very proud to have the chance to see Wild Bob with one of his bands live on stage performing his music, and when I get in a kind of sentimental mood I often think back to when I saw him playing, and think of ton-up boys, or the Ace Café every time I listen to Bob's songs. It's only in my imagination, but isn't that what good music and good musicians give to us,... A picture in our head, a song to sing to a loved one, or a catchy tune to sing along to? But whatever the style that Bob chooses to perform,... It still rocks like hell with some great Rhythm 'n' Blues thrown in for good measure, and it's fantastic to hear.

''He performs the real thing; Straight-in-your-face, Raw Rock 'n' Roll and Wild Rockin' Blues, and he's an icon''... That's what I found written on one of Bob's previous 'Finbarr International' albums from the early 1980's. Why did I copy that? Easy answer,... It could not have been said better!! Dedication means to love what you do, and to feel passionate about it,... Wild Bob Burgos has always stayed true to these words because he has always believed in his music that so many of us love today!! Yeah,... 'Dedicated to Rockin' at it's very best,... Thank you Bob!!

Frank Bergmann, Dynamite & Unleashed Magazines, Germany (January 2018)

Wild Bob Live On Stage in Switzerland (2017)

Sleeve notes by Herman Van Diejen Productions

The entertainment business has been a very interesting and happy time for me over the years as an international agent and manager for so many great bands and performers from all over England and Europe. I have also been very fotunate to have seen some of them become extremely popular and very successful artists that is so rightly deserved. One of those bands that I first had the privilege to manage was a completely unknown Rock 'n' Roll group to Holland called Matchbox. I first booked them for their very first long weekend in the Netherlands way back in 1975, and because it was their first visit we were never sure how they would be accepted on the Dutch stages, but it wasn't long before we found out because their music was very exciting and they were great to watch on stage too,... Especially two of the band members,... A piano player called Rusty Lupton and a guy called Wild Bob Burgos who was covered in tattoos!! These two guys really were the highlights on every show that Matchbox played,... This was a sensational band with lots of wonderful piano playing from Rusty who would always jump on his piano to rip-up the keys everytime he was featured, and spectacular drum solo's from Wild Bob who often played for more than15 minutes rollin' round the drums with all the audience filling the floor dancing and going crazy to the beat. Already in that period of time in the mid- 70's we ofen thought that this drummer was much too talented to be playing with Matchbox because he really was a superb musician and performer. Of course all the members of Matchbox were also very popular in Holland back then, and the dutch audience liked them all very much,... Specially the tattooed sledgehammer Bob!!

Matchbox often played in the Netherlands when I was managing the band, and in 1976 they were asked to record their first album entitled (Riders In The Sky) for 'Rockhouse Records', a Dutch Rock 'n' Roll label in Amsterdam. This album really did headline the band internationaly because it became very popular and many records were sold all over Europe. Matchbox really did hit the big time back in those days because in 1977 they were chosen to back the legendary Chuck Berry at the Lochem International Rock Festival in the Netherlands where more than 22000 people attended. Those years were very special and it was always a pleasure for me being a part of their exclusive management back in those beautiful days. Matchbox were certainly one of the best bands that I worked with in those years, and I always used to book them in the same hotel everytime they toured for me. This hotel was called 'Hotel Tivoli' in a town called Zaltbommel, it was a kind of headquarters for the band where they always returned after touring around Holland, and it was there that Matchbox first became established as one of the top Rockabilly bands in Europe. In 2016 this hotel changed into a restaurant and I often think that if it was possible that this old building could speak,... It would become a very succesfull bestseller!! We had some wonderful times touring together back then and we were always glad that the band came to play in the Netherlands for us.

Many times,... In a lost five minutes of thought, we go back in time and think about that period, and the two musicians who always come back in our minds are; Bob Burgos and Rusty Lupton because they always stood out and shone, and they both knew the full 100% meaning of the 3 words; (Entertaining The Audience!!) In the years that followed we were not surprised to hear that Wild Bob and Rusty were both asked again to be in Chuck Berry's band on several European tours,... (It takes the best - to play with the best) because Bob was also selected to play drums and tour with many different legendary Rock 'n' Roll stars back then, and still continued to play and tour with Matchbox on many seperate occasions for many years. We always knew that Bob was a very talented musician from the very first time we heard him play because he was so good on the drums. He had a unique style of playing and was also a very powerful drummer who always got the audience dancing with his sledgehammer beat on every song that Matchbox played. He was also a very exciting performer to watch and he was a sensational musician everytime he was live on stage on so many perfect concerts back then,... (First Class Entertainment) ''Wild Bob Burgos'' (One Of The Best Rock 'n' Roll Showmen in Europe!!)

Herman Van Diejen, International Agency Representation, The Netherlands (March 2018)

Wild Bob Live On Stage in Italy (2018)


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